GoldenEye's Music Division is the service point for a special collection of talented artists. These unique musicians are extraordinarily vast and diverse, yet very much interrelated. While creating there own work one frequently finds music materials that documents various stages of this compositional process. Stylistic versatility is a distinct advantage for the aspiring musician here at GoldenEye. We, in the Music Division, are ever watchful in finding new but also seasoned musical talent. Few in number, but of great importance are the musical artists here at GoldnEye.


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Music is a form of entertainment that is enjoyed by many. The most popular kinds of music are Pop, Latin, Rock, Jazz and Middle Eastern. These are called music genres. There are many other music genres, but these 5 are most favored by listeners.

Rock music, or rock ‘n’ roll as it was once called, is a mix of various musical styles and genres. Hence, rock itself can be sub-categorized into other forms such as Acid Rock, Pop Rock, Techno Rock, Hard Rock and many others.

Jazz consists of Free Jazz, Acid Jazz, Bossa Nova plus many others. It is a very diverse genre as many Spanish-speaking countries such as Argentina, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela adapt it.

Nowadays, Pop music is a style that is enjoyed by many people. Pop music does not have many sub-categories. The musical styles mentioned are only some of the many music genres.  We at GoldenEye are always on the lookout for new and exciting styles of music.

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